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Tiffany Strand

”Our strength is listening to the needs of our tenants”

”One of my areas of responsibility concerns retail properties spread throughout Sweden, from Luleå to Ystad. Right now, we are in the process of renovating and improving our property, Rinken, in the Vasa retail park, the largest retail park in the Södertälje region.

Areim I Fund has built a larger portfolio of retail properties in a joint venture with Möller & Partners. Areim believes such a portfolio will be attractive to institutional investors, who may not have the time or resources aggregate these relatively small purchases.

We are not just creating value by purchasing properties. Our strength is that we work closely with our tenants and listen to their needs. From these relationships, new projects are discovered, such as renovations or reorganisations of premises–that is how we build value."


Tiffany Strand - Portfolio Management, Director ›



Tiffany Strand