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We Create Value

Our business idea is to identify real estate projects which present opportunities for change and improvement. This could involve leasing or renovating and modernizing a property. We also work on large-scale projects, where we are involved in changing whole cityscapes by offering something completely new.

We are small enough to be responsive to our clients' needs but large enough to be trusted with important projects. As an independent company, we are not tied to any specific partners or capital sources. Our goal is to always achieve the best possible result. This could mean improving ventilation and heating in an existing building, or creating the best possible energy solution for a large new development. It could also mean coming up with the smartest use for a particular piece of land and realizing what the city and its people have been missing in that particular location.


Long-term thinking and great ideas

The Areim team members have all been handpicked for their competencies. Our company is small enough for everyone to feel a sense of responsibility for the overall business. We have a long-term strategy but can also act quickly and responsively when necessary. Thanks to our experience and industry expertise, we have some of the world's largest institutional investors behind us. Having been handed this trust, we take great care in managing it – every day. Our funds have a lifespan of eight years, but we intend to be in the market long-term. Taking good care of our properties and tenants is a natural part of our business process, a task which ultimately builds value for our investors.


Trust is built on relationships

"Our business is founded on the trust we have built over the years."
Leif Andersson, Founder ›

Our Story

Areim was founded in 2003 by Leif Andersson.

Our Story ›